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Sama was founded in 2011 with the dream of being the first completely donation-based yoga center in the Greater New Orleans area. A few things were super important to us: 1) providing a high quality, professional studio experience that didn't feel "cheap" or in any way less than a studio that does cost money, and 2) not requiring a minimum donation. 

We're a unique, intimate space that fosters community and collective learning. We love to provide you with tea and food at our events. We regularly gather to discuss dharma, or yoga philosophy, and to investigate our minds. 

Sama is taken care of by people who volunteer their time to keep this space thriving. It's a path called Karma Yoga, and we really believe in it. So next time you're in the space and see someone teaching or taking care of the space, thank them and ask them how you can get involved!

a brief history

January 2011

May 2022

With the support of Swan River Yoga New Orleans, Swan River Yoga Arabi opens its doors as a completely donation-based yoga studio, the first of its kind in the area. Swan River Yoga provided a trusted name, access to teachers, and other logistical supports. Later, they provided the idea for our Seva Yoga Teacher Training, a 108-hour condensed, introductory teacher training. 

After 11 years and the creation of a strong community, Swan River Yoga Arabi decides to become an independent entity and change our name to Sama. With love and appreciation for everything Swan River Yoga New Orleans has provided, we see that it's time to establish our own identity, policies, and trainings, and taking this next step will allow us to do so, run by the community that we have cultivated. Swan River Yoga will always be a beloved part of our history. 

our community partners

The Mind Body Collective Logo: Service Center in Community - a partner of Sama Studio in Yoga and Healing
Flowering Lotus Meditation Logo of a Lotus Flower - Partners with Sama Studio in New Orleans
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