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Join Our “Be Still & Know” Weekend Silent Retreat in New Orleans

Relax deeply using yogic techniques with Swami Sankarananda, AKA Peace Pilgrim.

Deepen and uplift your experience of Life through silence, meditation, chanting, yoga asana and introspection. The retreat is guided by Swami Sankarananda in accordance with the holistic Sivananda Yoga Vedanta tradition. The program is specifically developed to aid participants in their evolution from fear to fearlessness, from discord to Harmony, and from pieces to Peace.

How to Register:


Arrive between 3 and 5pm Friday. There will be a meal served Friday evening before the retreat starts.


The retreat spans from Friday 5pm to Sunday early afternoon. A tentative schedule is posted below and may be amended as the date gets closer.


The retreat is donation based. Once you have completed the retreat, you may offer whatever is comfortable and sustainable. The studio will forward (after costs) any excess money to Swamiji as an offering of love for this journey.

Some Rules/Agreements:

  • Silence to be maintained during silent portion of retreat, except for chanting and discussion with teacher.

  • Expect to stay for the duration of the retreat. If you anticipate needing to leave early, please reserve your spot for someone who can stay the entire time.

  • All communications gear including phones, computers, etc are to be left at home or deposited with retreat manager.

  • Participants may provide retreat manager’s information as emergency contact. Retreat manager will check for any emergency contacts regularly.

  • Please email for any dietary or accessibility needs that will help you enjoy your retreat.

Overnight Stay Options

There are two options for sleeping that we offer.

1. Stay at your own place. This option is great for obvious reasons, however we ask that you check to see if you can make the entire schedule with this option and that while at home you maintain the container of silence of speech and mind. That means no TV, cell phones, internet etc.

2. Stay at the studio. This option is the most convenient in that you can stay at the studio. You can bring an air mattress or cot, or if you are ok with sleeping on a yoga mat we can provide you one. There will be no showering facilities at the studio for the duration of the retreat.


Simple vegan/gluten free food will be included. We will provide three meals a day with some fruits and snacks. If you have special needs beyond this please let us know and we will try and accommodate you.

What to Bring:

  • Toothbrush

  • Your own containers for both hot and cool beverages such as tea or water.

  • Appropriate clothing

  • Loose, breathable clothing for yoga classes are recommended

  • Comfortable light colored clothing is recommended for the rest of the retreat.

  • Sunscreen, hat, bug spray, any necessities for outdoor time

  • Any medications you are taking.

  • If you are staying the night bring anything you may need such as a small air mattress. Ear Plugs (optional), Eye mask (optional). Yoga mats will be available

Spiritual Counseling:

Throughout the week Swami will offer one-on-one counseling sessions for all who are interested. Please sign up on the daily Spiritual Counseling Sheet posted.

Retreat Schedule

Friday, Day 1

4-6PM Arrival Check-In

Accommodations, secure belongings

6:00PM Opening Prayer, Introductions, Retreat Overview

6:30PM Light Communal Meal

7:00PM Seva

7:30PM Satsang (silence begins)

  • Pranayama

  • World Peace Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Dharma Talk: Silence

10:00PM Lights Out

Saturday, Day 2

5:00AM Wake up bell

5:30AM Satsang

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Dharma Talk: Working with the Mind

8:00AM Gentle Yoga Class

9:30AM Brunch

10:00AM Seva

11:00AM Tea and Shastra - Discernment Workshop #1

12:00Noon Meditation

12:30–4:30PM Individual Sadhana

  • Private Time with Swamiji (by appointment)

  • Practice on your own (rest, meditate, read, journal..)

4:30PM Yoga Asana Class

6:00PM Dinner / Clean up

7:00PM Peace Chanting

7:30PM Satsang

  • Kirtan

  • Meditation

10PM Lights Out

Sunday, Day 3

5:00AM Wake up bell

5:30AM Satsang

  • Pranayama

  • Meditation

  • Chanting

  • Dharma Talk: Steps Towards Inner Peace

7:30AM Personal Time

8:00AM Yoga Nidra

9:30AM Brunch

10:30AM Tea and Shastra: Discernment Workshop #2

11:30AM Peace Walk

1:00PM Closing Discussions & Prayers

  • Ask questions, share your insights & experiences of the weekend, provide suggestions

2:00PM Program Ends

We hope you cultivate a sense of inner peace as we take a pause from everyday life to slow things down. We invite you to find the present moment with us and deepen your practice.

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