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Preserve donation-based yoga. 

Help us become #100membersstrong and establish sustainability.

In these uncertain times, where many yoga studios are closing their doors and others are going online, we want to preserve SRY Arabi: a unique, intimate, and completely donation based yoga studio.

A studio that makes yoga accessible to all


Since January 2011, Swan River Yoga Arabi has offered donation-based yoga without ever requiring a minimum donation.


A studio run on community & service

SRY Arabi is run on the goodness and selfless service of others.  All teachers donate their time. It truly takes a community to run a space like Arabi, and we’ve been doing it successfully for 9 years.

Deepen your practice. More than asana


We offer more than just yoga. We've successfully offered daylong and weekend silent retreats, teacher trainings, and special events --  all on a donation or sliding scale basis.

Committed to wellness equity for all beings


We’re committed to wellness equity and to creating a safe space for all beings to practice yoga, especially those who may not feel like yoga is for them. We regularly hold specialized, intersectional identity classes for yogis of color, yogis with larger bodies, aging yogis, yogis in recovery, and LGBTQ+ yogis.


Now, we're asking for your help.

We're seeking to build a community that is #100membersstrong so that we can ensure the continuation of donation-based yoga.

By contributing $20/month (the price of one yoga class at most yoga studios), you can help us make this happen.

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By becoming a member, you're not paying for yourself; you're ensuring the existence of donation-based yoga for all.

Thank you for being part of our community!

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