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Our classes are designed to light you up on multiple levels of your being, connecting you to your heart, intention, breath, and physical body. Each class will include a centering practice, modifications for various skill levels and capabilities, and the encouragement to connect to your own inner wisdom.

Seva Flow

An energizing, all-levels class that connects movement with breath and will get your heart rate up. ​This class is general in nature, attending to the body as a whole so that each part of you feels activated. Built on the foundations of movement, connection, fluidity, and breath, the poses are woven together with intelligence. Some experience with yoga is preferred since little stopping takes place.

Mindful Alignment

A structured, mindful movement class with an emphasis on the subtle details of alignment. Perfect for both beginners and for practitioners looking to dive deeper into the postures safely and effectively. This class will focus less on flowing through the poses and more on finding security and stability in the body through proper alignment. 

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a standardized system of instruction, which is oriented towards gradual but steady progression, rather than quick results.  Use of  props to maximize the opening and awareness of the body, providing support to the less flexible, and extra extension to the more advanced student. Students learn to penetrate beyond the physical body to the inner kosas (layers) of mind, energy and spirit, gaining vitality, clarity and calm through the practice. 


Perfect for total beginners, or students who want a better understanding.  Can be practiced by everyone and in all stages of life. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is designed to facilitate inner and outer stillness. All postures are done seated and lying down with the support of props. They are held for an extended period of time to help create rest, ease, and openness. This is a perfect class for anyone looking to slow down.

Open Heart Meditation

Enjoy meditation practices that are designed to grow your sense of compassion, love, and connection to yourself and others -- you know, all the good stuff. These practices don't always come easy, so learn how to strengthen your heart center with guidance and wisdom. Our Open Heart Meditation is based on the ancient Buddhist practice of Tonglen. 

Yoga Basics

Appropriate for those new to the practice or those who prefer slower and more grounding classes. In this class you’ll focus on the foundational poses of yoga asana to build strength, balance, and mobility.

Meditative Flow

A moving, introspective meditation. A Meditative Flow will help you release physical tension, calm your mind, and settle your nervous system. With less physical alignment instruction and more focus on rhythm and long-held poses, these classes are designed to create a mental flow state of absorption and presence that arises from linking the changing poses with breath. This class will culminate with a brief, calming meditation to end the class. 

Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to enlightment through compassion for all beings. A Jivamukti Yoga class will always include a dharma teaching, meditation, devotion, a curated playlist, and a vigorous flow. 

Stress Relief Meditation

Learn how to relax and let go with meditation techniques designed to calm the body-mind and provide a sense of inner relief. Stress Relief Meditation, a mindfulness practice focused on breath awareness, creates focus, wisdom, and clarity. It helps you work with the habit patterns of your mind, resulting in a greater understanding of yourself and reality. 


Tap into the power of your breath by exploring yogic breathing techniques known as pranayama. This meditative practice will result in clarity, balance, and vitality.

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